11 Suzuki GSXR 600

$9,995.00 $6,995.00


Product Description

Used 8,000KM

Suzuki’s 2011-model GSX-R600 have been redesigned from the ground up resulting in machines that are lighter, quicker in acceleration, better handling and have better braking performance than the models they replace, according to Suzuki.

“MotoGP technology” was employed to remove over four pounds (2000 grams) and reduce mechanical losses from the new GSX-R600’s Inline Four engine (67.0 mm x 42.5 mm bore x stroke, 12.8:1 compression ratio). Significant weight has been shaved from the pistons (14% lighter) and connecting rods (12% lighter). Larger ventilation holes between cylinders help reduce pumping losses and improve combustion efficiency, which together with smaller and re-angled fuel-injectors (two per cylinder, as before) and a lighter (by more than three pounds) exhaust system allows the new engine to produce 10% better fuel economy while still meeting EURO III emissions standards.


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